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servicemodelreg errors

When installing registering WCF with IIS using servicemodelreg.exe, you may get the following error:

A previous version of Windows Communication Foundation was detected


The HTTP namespace reservation already exists

Run the following to remove the existing namespace reservation.

netsh http delete urlacl url=http://+:80/Temporary_Listen_Addresses/

It will be put back by servicemodelreg.exe.

robocopy with restart

When I need to copy files across an unstable network connection, the robocopy restart option (/z) is great.  It allows for resuming a copy from where you left off after a connection is dropped.  I like to pipe the progress into a log file in case I also lose the shell.

robocopy \\server\source-direcory\ C:\destination-directory /s /z > results.log
robocopy \\server\source-direcory\ C:\destination-directory file.ext /z > results.log

Robocopy TechNet


Not much to see here so far.  This web log will be a list of solutions I find to home computing, system engineering, or software engineering problems.  Mostly for my benefit, but maybe for you as well.